Rays of Hope – Realities Part 1.

This blog post has been a long time coming. I guess I have finally summoned the inner strength to write it and this is going to be so long. So, I guess I would just break them into different parts to make reading easier.

To those who know me personally, these two things would come at you from the first two minutes with me – I am a non-traditionally creative fellow, always seeking solutions to problems in the most sustainable way and I really love GOD, so much I would give up anything and anyone to be with Him. You cannot miss these two in me, no matter how much I try to blend into the environment I find myself. Well, these are my realities and I would love to share with you, perhaps it may help you to look at yourself in a different way and make wise decisions that would significantly transform your life like I am about to.


I am not a Superstar! I am a Light!

This year began with so much hope and a plethora of possibilities that I was so excited and fired up to go through it. I built on the successes of 2016 and tried harder to improve on the failures of my previous years. Then, I lost another baby and my wife’s confidence with him! Suddenly, outsiders became more important than I am in my family and, like a spiral, so much went bad. Just like that, I lost all that I ever labored for in the last five years – family, friends, dreams, properties and everything else in-between. . . the only things I did not lose are my faith, my joy and my capacity to love.

Just in case you think anything in life is forever, think again! One harmless thought can destroy years of good life. You are no superstar! When you have done all that is doable and prevented all that is possible to prevent; you will realize that there is more to this life than your feeble ideas and the determination to succeed. Of dreams and ideas, I am chief; of decisive actions that follow them, I am tireless; I work very hard, dawn to dusk, and there is nothing too great for me to take on because I believe God is with me. Still, you would realize that even though we all have some sort of relationship with God (religious or intimate), our choices would pretty much determine the outcomes we present. You are a product of your choices and if you cede a section of your life to other people, their choices would determine your outcomes.

God is great and you are not! Let that sink in. . ..


Relationships require review. . . .

One thing that has been of significant importance to me is relationships – with God, fellow human beings, and things. I had to learn this the hard way. The circumstances of my life required that I relate well, otherwise, I do not stand a slim chance at succeeding in life. Each day, with each opportunity that comes, I have to present myself and my ideas together. I have to build bridges with where I seek to go because I may not have them already existing like some other people do. As a matter of fact, many times, my last name only opened doors in the house of my God, even among His people, I still have to prove that I am worth a chance. . . because no one would readily give me one.

I found out that there is no justice out there for anyone without a nativity that shines brightly with wealth and fame. Even those who rose from obscurity to limelight, by the grace of God, finds it hard to see themselves in other people whose circumstances may be a lot like theirs. For instance, in my church, in which I have served for 12 years, most of which I traveled 240km every Sunday to be a part of, it is still difficult for me to see my pastor when hell is breaking loose around me. . . yet someone else, who is not a member can see him with just a phone call.  The question you would like to ask is how come?! Well, that is a reality! You can build relationship all you want, it counts for very little in this fallen world, you are only as valuable to the extent to which you are useful and you are not a physical reminder of people’s failures!

In my professional career, I have seen supposed intelligent and excellent people settle for mediocre delivery because they are not willing to accept anyone who asserts himself or herself. Humility, to the world out there, is not real humility, it is simply lack of opinion or political correctness until it becomes a pulse in the bone. If you know your onions, you are confident about it and you know your value, you are not the one those who claim to be leaders are looking for. They are looking for psychophants, whose opinion is what they say they are. I have seen people willing to lend a hand, only if I am willing to do their bidding; it is help on their own terms. How is that a help for me? Aren’t they just helping themselves to the booty from my life in crisis? I have seen those who would use me to accomplish their goals, yet they do not think they should reciprocate by helping me when I need them also. Believe me, I am one fellow who gives anything within my power without thinking of payment; I have given myself away to see people rise in life and their dreams come to fruition. Just tell me what God is doing in you and I am all out to see it done excellently well! Well, when I am in need, especially for things that God is doing in and through me, all I receive from such people is an “It is well”, “God will do it” statements; some even insult me by offering transportation fare back to my post as if that is my need.

In the society, if you tell things the way they are, even the wisest of men would consider you a loose canyon. In essence, silence is really golden. I cannot help imagining what would happen if we were to force out what people have in their hearts. . . We really do not love the truth! We are on social media to follow half-truths; everyone is a thought-leader! Those who have mastered the social media space are those who have learned to tell the world what it wants to hear. Some comedian on Instagram, with bad language, full of rage, would have almost 300,000 followers, while a handle with valuable messages and life-giving posts would have only 300 followers, reducing by the day, to the degree to which truth is dispensed. Sick jokes are more viral, living words are valued only by honest hearts in pain.

In the end, wherever your relationships are focused, perhaps, like me, it is time to review them and let go of people who really do not contribute to your life’s purpose. Your help is in the name of the LORD. By His Holy Spirit, He will bring you into a place called rich fulfillment. Thank God I have a relationship with the LORD; otherwise, I probably would have been checked into an asylum by now. He watches over His word in me. Trim your expectations to the word of God; stay within your God-given boundaries and choose your friends wisely.

I would continue shortly . . . stay with me.