2017 in Review – Realities Part 3


This would be my first time to publicly publish my review of a year. I realized it is expedient to make an exception this year because of what I am about to share. This year has indeed been eventful; most importantly, I have learned so many new lessons; some the hard way.

It started out with a lot of Godly expectations. I plunged out in faith, looking forward to the best of God as I present the best of me. The following are my findings


The best of me may not be the best after all.

That I have gained a certain understanding, to certain things, and I had chosen to walk in them as understood may not directly translate into people around me having the same understanding. I realized that even when we understand certain things, and we are rightly positioned in God, all things would be working as desired. Unfortunately, the choices we make, each day, has a way of delivering or eroding the things we rightfully desire, deserve and discovered in God. My choices can hinder God’s desire for me.


Disappointments are blessings in disguise

It is a hard sell anytime anyone tries to paint a beautiful picture with our trials and troubles. It makes God look like a wicked One, who enjoys seeing His loved ones got through the pain. But I have learned, this year, that when things do not work as you planned them, even when you have related your plans to God, with an approval from Him, it means God is up to something that is greater than your understanding at that moment. If He were to tell you all the details, you would most likely sabotage the process with your interferences. So, He may keep the details from you, but ALL THINGS are working for your good, as long as you are sure you indeed love the LORD and you are called according to His purpose. Remember, loving the LORD is obeying all His commandments!


Change that God is not interested in would frustrate you.

I am in the business of seeing things work out well, bringing beauty out of chaos, creating value and true wealth out of mundane and regular experiences. In my walk with God to bring meaningful change to lives, places, enterprises and things. I have realized that except the LORD is interested in that change you seek, all you would get is a compromise that would soon give way to a more compelling argument or position. If you are looking forward to changes from people, be sure that is what the LORD desires; otherwise, you would have psychophants who have mastered the art of telling you what you want to hear and doing what you want to see, but their heart is contrary.

If you envision changes in places, be sure that the foundation that would sustain that change is your first focus. If you focus on that change before you put in place structures for it, you would find yourself feeling like someone fetching water into a basket. So much would be going out of you and very little would be visible to show for the hard work that you do.

If you envision a change in something, you may have to rise to enforce that change; otherwise, the powers that be, which are the pillars behind the present situation, would not ordinarily do anything different because the present situation profits it. If you lack the capacity to change that thing, you may want to gain that first, so that what you lack would not be your undoing when everything is subject to scrutiny. Use your time to create value and hone your skills, make money to gain finances for your calling and build relationships with people for the task ahead. Until you do something about it, everyone may be complaining, but nothing would be done to change that thing.

So, as you enter into 2018, as I have decided to do, you may consider the following:

  • Reviewing your relationship with God . . . straighten crooked places and return to God squarely.
  • Review your relationships with people . . . discontinue those that aren’t adding kingdom value to you and choose your friends wisely.
  • Review your relationships with things . . . ensure nothing is bigger than God; make all things subject to your pursuit of God.
  • Choose your friends and companions wisely. It is one of the primary things a righteous person must do.
  • Be aware and be actively responsive to your environment – nation, society, association, community, and family. Reactionary responses are like explosives; it does not spare the good things.
  • Love God and love your neighbor.

Sacrifice would accomplish what campaigns cannot. Start the change with you.

See you in 2018.