2018: A New House


As we journey into the New Year, these are the words that the LORD has put in my heart for His house and His people:

It is the time that the house of the LORD and the people of GOD are intimately informed on the things they are doing rightly and otherwise. It is important to understand why the right things we are doing do not produce the desired result.
  • It is because we are more inclined to do these things for the pleasure of it, not the purpose of it.
  • We do what we do to exploit the people, even the preaching of the message of salvation. When the membership of new converts come into play, the real reason for our evangelism comes to the fore.
  • We are overtaken by debates and strife, arguing back and forth on matters of doctrines and the word. In the process of trying to provide clarity, we have turned the voice of the LORD’s into the noise of the LORD, especially online.
  • We seem to pay more attention to the outward show, especially when there is an evident absence of internal glow of the Spirit of the LORD. ‘Organization’ has replaced inspiration by the Holy Spirit.


What the LORD desires from us is not hard; they are attainable!
  • We must differentiate wickedness from righteousness; there would no more be grey areas to occupy or fences for anyone to stand on. We must take a stand for righteousness.
  • We can all make ministering to the LORD and His people count by making life easier for them. What we do as work, vocation and occupation must, henceforth, make life easier for people; not make things more difficult for them.
  • Our liberty is a waste if other oppressed people around us remain bound. What we do should remove limitations and servitude (not service) from the people.
  • Sharing what we have must become a culture, one that is either innate or learned. There must be no hungry fellow around us, saved or unsaved. It is an error to feed them because we want to lure them into our churches or gatherings.
  • Our houses, given to us by God, cannot be empty when we have people of God who need places to stay. We must learn to comfort others with that which we have been comforted.
  • It is not right for anyone among us to be exposed to shame, whether they are mature or they are still wobbling in their walk with God. Cover those who surround you with that which the LORD has granted you grace to give.


It is a new day! It is time for His glory to manifest in you!
  • There is light on your way;
  • Healing in streams, to your hearts and wounds; and
  • Righteousness like a river to reveal God’s glory in perpetuity.


Now, the LORD will not answer all who calls Him in the New Year.

Only those who live as prescribed by His word will flourish like trees planted by the river, whose waters do not fail.


God is counting on YOU to raise standards and build according to His pattern!

It is time for those, who would take responsibility for the kingdom of God in their domain, to shine brightly. Their work with God would become their new identity.


Worship, the Word, and Prayers are not optional!

Those who want to walk with God in His kingdom agenda cannot do without these three. Delighting in the LORD would give you access to high places of the earth (not to dine with them, but to take them for God), with access to nourishments reserved.

Happy New Year in advance.