I Live!


Exactly two weeks ago, I found myself crawling out of a vehicle that just had a terrible accident on Lagos-Ibadan expressway, in Nigeria, with cuts and bruises all over my head and body. While still recovering from my wounds, I am so grateful to God that I am still alive to the glory of God.

Although this piece is not about the accident itself, I feel compelled to share the moment in it that changed me forever! It is often said by Yoruba preachers that “Isise kan lo wa laarin iku ati iye” (there is but a moment between life and death), I have REALLY never understood that sentence until January 3, 2018, at about 10:55AM.

Suddenly, I saw myself rolling mid-air and all that came out of my mouth, after the crash of the vehicle, was “I live…”. Those few seconds, about 3-5 seconds became the most life-changing moment for me. I realized in that moment that I would either die or live, and the choice was no longer mine to make. What I had done prior to that moment would make the decision for me and it would be final!

When I finally came out through the shattered window of the vehicle and I walked out alive, I realized I had been given a new life! I had been given another chance to make everything I had done wrong right and to do everything I had left undone! Like a broken record, playing in a loop, those 3-5 seconds continued to play in my mind and the thought of what would have happened if I did not live stayed vivid in my mind.

Friends, each day you breathe, you are making choices in advance for the moment when you would no longer have the power to choose . . . Are you sure your choices are the best choices so far? Are you sure there would be no regrets if things were to turn the other way, at any time? I am using this opportunity to plead with you, MAKE IT RIGHT WITH YOUR MAKER NOW! I lived because He is with me. I had no other reason to still be alive, writing this piece, if not for His purpose.

When the evil day comes, would God be willing to preserve you because there is still a purpose you are indispensably serving on this side of eternity? Would a tragic event, happening to you, be a welcome development for heavens and the people around you? May I ask you to take a moment and reflect on your life. Please accept the sacrifice of Christ for you today. Turn around from evil and be made anew. Make peace with God today, tomorrow may be late already.

Peace to you.