The Power of Sacrifice

A couple of days back, I stumbled on a presentation on Trinity Broadcast Network (TBN) on DsTV, featuring the son of Pastor John Hagee’s son preaching to the church’s congregation about ‘Family Business’. He started with the story of his grandmother, who happened to be divinely gifted by the LORD to preach so well that, her husband, who happened to be the main pastor of the church, was constantly despised for lack of skills at preaching. She would preach so well without notice, far much better than the best sermon her husband would preach after spent days preparing.

In the 1940s, she also became a theologian in a Seminary, widely known and prominent in matters of the word of God. Preaching ministry, for her husband, further became too hard, he seemed like a misfit, not because he has less understanding of the word, but because his wife’s ministry skills were better than his. So, she made a public announcement that she was going to retire from preaching ministry and she was going to dedicate her time to supporting her husband’s ministry from the home front, raising her children well, in the way of the LORD. She knew that her sacrifice is imperative if her marriage would be saved because the comparison was beginning to put a lot of pressure on her marriage. She went on to ask God to give to her children whatsoever He would have her become in ministry.

Fast-forward to many years later, Pastor John Hagee, her son, who happened to be the most badly behaved one, came the LORD at the age of 18 . . . the rest is history. The scale of exploit that Pastor John Hagee’s Ministries have on its sleeve is so tremendous, with remarkable impact globally.

Can you imagine what would have happened if she held on to exploring her skills and went to become the supposed successful woman of God, who would eventually lose her family and whatever he ministry accomplished would have died in the next generation because the children would be too broken to walk with God? As a matter of fact, her children might even conclude God was the one who broke their home! God’s purpose is eternal and at every point in time, it is more invested in the coming generation than the man or woman carrying the mandate at the moment. As Abraham walked with God, Sarah’s walk with Abraham was a journey of many sacrifices for a reality that would manifest, in much greater scale, through the nation of Israel.

Sacrifice is the only way to send an incorruptible message to generations down the line; it is the only way to preserve posterity beyond present lives. This admonition applies to all gender, age, and status. All patriarchs and matriarchs of the Bible understood and exercised the power of sacrifice; even Jesus Christ is still saving many today by a single sacrifice made thousands of years ago.

A sacrifice would conquer an unconquerable army when chivalry fails. The eternal kingdom of God is within you; it is wise not to start and end it all with you.

Peace to you.

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