Evasive Peace

For most people, knowing what to say is a really difficult thing. This does not in anyway present quiet people, who hardly express themselves. Instead, speaking the appropriate word for every situation remains the real challenge . . . It is why wordsmithing is not a task for persons with weak understanding. However, the real secret to speaking correctly and accurately is thinking correctly and accurately! Indeed, the mouth speaks out of the abundance of the heart.

Thinking correctly and accurately is a little more complicated because there are so many factors weaving meanings into the totality of our experiences; and even when we try to tell convincing stories, it is still hard to get two people, experiencing the same thing, to draw the same inferences from it.

Earthly wisdom may have mastered how to say what we do not really mean, just to prevent the inferno that our true feelings would create when spoken as words; but the overall state of our well-being, individually or collectively, still hinges on what is really in our heart. What is in your heart?

Campaigns and rhetoric for peace may be doing well at smothering the fire from growing out of scale, but when the chips are down, are we really at peace? More than the attention we pay to what is said, we need to start paying attention to how people truly feel, after we have forced out desired responses from them. We need to start asking these two questions: “Is truth established?” and “Is justice served?” Until these two conditions are met, true peace would remain evasive to all.

Are you at peace with yourself? If not, ask yourself if your life is true? Are you really the reputation you have with God and people? Also, ask yourself if your actions just? There is no peace for the wicked, says the word of God. That is because they live a lie and their ways are not just. Until we all come to the knowledge of the truth, lasting peace would remain evasive.

Peace to you.

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