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I have not been here in a while. So much is taking my attention away from writing. Sometimes, we have to learn the lesson first before we talk about it.

Two things are on my heart to share today and I would like to get right to it:

Firstly, I have had the privilege of relating very closely to people from every age bracket, from toddlers to very aged persons. One thing is evident in them all until they could no longer breathe and life is over, they are in pursuit of something. While what they pursue differ in certain ways, satisfaction and happiness seem to be the center for most people. However, most significantly, I have come to understand that when people are unable to identify and define an eternal purpose to pursue, they would most likely focus their pursuit on what would increase their happiness, which is an often time defined by growing wealth and money.

Unfortunately, though capable of buying happiness, it is incapable of producing satisfaction. Things cannot secure satisfaction; only persons can! That whole concept of using money to buy satisfaction is false; it can only come from people through relationship. People, not things, create simple and satisfying experiences. So, it is very important that if anyone is in search of both satisfaction and happiness, he or she must learn to make investments in persons, beginning from God, then in people and every other living creation of His.

Secondly, It is important that people have dreams and aspirations. In fact, life without these would be defined by boredom, depression and despondency. Life is to be exercised for something. Still, I have come to realize that the pictures of possibilities are beautiful to behold, but the reality that stands between the present situation and future realization of these dreams may be everything far from beautiful.

What would sustain any soul while the fleshing of these dreams remains is the purpose of the dream!

The things you are passionate about, why are you passionate about them? When you find a sincere answer to this question, the strength to pull through to the end would materialize. There is no doubt that the world out there, which looks so beautiful on the pages of the books being read and the screen where virtual interaction goes on every second, would be totally different when it is actually experienced. So many people are shaping their dreams with fairy tales and illusions; shaped by the deliberate construct of those, whose enterprises are profitable because of such narratives, only to be totally devastated when reality hits.

I counsel you to shape your dreams and aspirations by the word of God. It is the only enduring and eternal gift of God to humanity! It is the highest manifestation of God! Promises would fail, people would falter; only what is built on the sure foundation of the word of God would be forever!

Peace with God is the only thing you should seek above all things else. In God’s grace is everything you need to do well in life.

Peace to you.

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  1. Sadah says:

    Well written.


  2. AWED says:

    Thank you Sadah. . .


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