Transactional Faith

“The just shall live by his faith”, that is what the Bible says; coincidentally, it is also the theme of a summit in my church…yet I have not stopped wondering what kind of faith we have these days. Because this statement is true and the word of God is infallible, it means that each one (just ones in this case) shall have the proceeds of the faith they have…

Well, I am 120km away from my local assembly today and I joined another local assembly around me for an evangelistic outreach to share the message of Christ Jesus, the reason for the season. What I saw today cannot be discussed here on Facebook, when we gather in our church communities, we would address those. Ranting here would not yield any positive answer. However, something stood out and that is why I write tonight.

“Receive Jesus into your life and all your life problems would be solved” That was such an interesting proposition and I must confess, I had a bit of that when I gave my life to Christ 30 years ago. On the contrary, as beautiful as that sounds, it is a lie! IT IS NOT THE TRUTH!

I gave my life to Christ and all hell broke loose! All my life’s problems did not disappear because I became saved. In fact, some increased! I learnt with time that Jesus my Saviour was not well accepted and it soon dawn on me that I may not be well accepted by all because I am now saved. Darkness contended strongly for my soul and my battles became more….yet the LORD did not tale away the heat of the fire…instead, He remains with me in the heat of the fire…So many lies I was told when I got saved would eventually be debunked!

Here and now, all across the globe, our message has changed from ‘humanity being restored to God’ to ‘humanity trading Heaven’s offerings for earthly desires’. Is it possible this is why our buildings are full of worshippers and there are few people in the kingdom? Is it possible this is why many people know of God but they do not know God? Is it possible this is why we are dealing with matters that should not be mentioned among us as believers; yet we cruise on unperturbed?

Jesus did not come to trade Himself for earthly possessions/accomplishments…He came to save us from what we are struggling, so hard, to be relevant in – the world! Perhaps your salvation story is one like this, a coming to God because of needs you could not meet yourself, there is more in God’s purpose for you. The death of the cross was for a cause much greater, in significance, than these. He came, died, was buried, and resurrected to RESTORE US BACK TO GOD.

Every Christian mission that is not defined as this is not of the LORD. He did not come primarily to heal you, prosper you, provide for you, etc….He came to restore you back to God….because in God, all these things are already settled.

Preach the authentic gospel!
Receive the authentic gospel!
Share the authentic gospel!