Flash Contemplations 1

There come that season in every man’s life, wherein he seeks a shoulder to cry on . . . of joy or sorrow and it is not that of the progenitor or of the one who nurtured him. It would be that of a woman, whose triumph is not the abundance of her accomplishment of the brightness of her possibilities . . . but the scale of her sacrifice and submission that would earn her his vulnerability.

Ther come that season in every woman’s life, wherein she seeks something greater than herself, a security that cannot be replaced with things or others, a comfort that her father’s house cannot provide. It would be the love of man, whose definition is not the generosity, and romance it brings, but his willingness and readiness to give himself for her, such confidence she would never be able to repose in anyone else but him, her baggage notwithstanding.

These seasons are becoming disasters! They are changing the landscape into a picturesque bleak image of uncertainty. The abundance of illumination from knowledge and learning is setting the stage for dysfunctional homes and we are excited about it because we have lost our understanding. Unfaithful men and their treacherous women are daily receiving more courage to challenge God’s design for relationships, yet we consider our reactionary responses as wisdom because protective instinct is readily expressible, unlike preventive ones.

Good men would continue to diminish and virtuous women would continue to reduce if we continue this way. God’s design for man and woman and their resultant family is the only way it can sustainably work. There would always be opportunist men preying sweet ladies; but there are still good men out there, just as there would always be scheming ladies out there, who have nothing to offer and all to take; still, there are virtuous women out there.

Daughters of Zion, return to the original design,

Sons of the Kingdom, return to God’s original design.

Marriage is not a transactional deal for fortunes,

It is God’s structure and standard for organizing people on earth.


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