The Life of One


The life of one,
The courage of a leader,
The responsibility of the brave,
The acceptance of limitations.

Nothing is greater than glory,
Nothing is more desirable than victory,
Still, there are battles that would not end,
The warrior would expire before the battle ends.

Sometimes, all effort would fail,
Old lessons would become valueless in the now,
Even prayers, sincere ones, would go unanswered,
Still, conscience must be absolved of errors.

When capacity to change things fail on a large scale,
And reason becomes powerless in rallying men,
There is that one thing that is still possible:
Bringing meaning to what is and what must be.

A leader’s heart is always on trial,
The fiercest of which comes from most trusted ones,
When flimsy excuses of loved ones beclouds their good judgment,
Their unspoken hearts becomes painted on vivid canvas.

It is no one’s task to turn anyone around,
At best, they will try within their understanding,
Each one must reach deeper into their depths,
Bringing out and forward, true meaning and purpose.

A walk in the park may be blessed for two,
A stroll on the beach may be glorious for a company,
A march to war may excite an army,
But destiny is a lone walk.