The Temple


Some weeks back, I was privileged to attend a church service at The Helper’s House and the Pastor Niyi Adekunle was sharing about the shifts in culture and society, especially as it affects the body of Christ.
He spoke about a once-infamous masquerade in Ibadan called ‘oloolu’, whose taboo was seeing women. That masquerade has suddenly disappeared from relevance because while it was at the peak of its popularity, then SU believers refused to join issues with the society by protesting its activities, they just went ahead and evangelised the sons and daughters of the custodian masquerade.
When the worshippers of ‘oloolu’ became old and tired, they sought to pass on their worship to their posterity, but they were already choir members, Sunday school teachers, missionaries, preachers and teachers of the word of God. The worship of ‘oloolu’ died a natural death.
Yesterday, my Mum returned from church to tell me that their church attendance was very low today because the church’s General Overseer has travelled overseas for an engagement. Your guess is as good as mine on what would happen to such assembly when the General Overseer grows old and goes home to be with the LORD.
Fast forward 10-15 years, will there be people in our church auditoriums, presently booming with crowds? When these men of GOD, serving God in their generation, returns home to God, what would become of our grand edifices? Will planned perpetuity, through the children of ministers of God, retain the glory of God? Can we actually read the handwriting on the wall?
Our children do not really like our God that much. As a matter of fact, they are in church because we insist they must be while still living in our houses and being catered for by us. Do they still go to church when they get temporary freedom of going away to school? Now, their world is in their handheld 5.5inches screen. Their friends are not real people, their teachers are virtual, their affirmation is the amount of ‘likes’ they get, they speak more in emoticons than words can.
If the church is the fellowshipping of God’s people, what happens when the need for fellowship is deliberately and gradually eliminated by technologies meant to build relationships? If we are not careful, there would be no true worship of God in large numbers in a couple of years from here. God forbid, at the rate we are going, most church auditorium may soon become factories or business incubation centres. . . mostly tech ones.
Let the custodians of the Temple do the REAL WORK on the REAL TEMPLE, which is the PEOPLE! We need new paradigms to disciple this generation, we need a new approach to introducing eternal life to this fallen world. May we be filled with the HOLY SPIRIT and power to do bring real increase to God’s kingdom. Amen.
We just started a series of conversation on Rarebuild Facebook page called #TheEDICT . . . on the People of God and the Church of Christ, I invite you to join in as we stamp out darkness form the temple of God completely!
Have a fruitful week!