Unscripted Messages

In recent times. I have been gleaning real-time lessons that I have been learning from Scriptures from present situations. Perhaps I should start sharing them here too. The following are a few that I learned in the first 12 hours of today:
1. As I usually do, anytime I am privileged to travel on Lagos-Ibadan expressway, driving a car, I stopped to give a mother carrying a child, a lift to Ibadan from Lagos on Thursday last week. Because of her, three others joined in and we all came through the terrible traffic on that road to Ibadan.
Today, in church, after the service, one of the first-timers, who came to fellowship with us, walked up to me and said: “Sir, you gave me a lift on Thursday last week!” I did not recognize her, but she described herself as the woman with the baby.
It is amazing how much happens to us without notice. If I had represented Christ negatively, I am sure she would not return to that assembly again! Indeed, what is most vital is not telling people about our convictions about Christ; it is actually living it out until an average person seeing us sees Christ in us!
A visible Jesus in you speaks louder than your words!
2. Speaking of visibility of Christ, I was walking home after the service and I came across a group of people ‘evangelizing’ whatsoever their faith was to other people. When they saw me approaching, they just ignored me and continued their conversations. Then, I looked back, and there was a brother, who left the same assembly with me, coming behind me. They swarmed around him and started telling him about their faith . . .
Well, I was kind of formally dressed like a ‘bro’ with my Bible and journal held in my hands; the other brother had no Bible in his hands and he walked with some kind of swagger that may have projected a different person from who he really is. . .
My observation is that our Bible is more than just a book and our dressing is more than just an expression, they are our identity! People can tell where to put you by what you are holding in your hands and what you are wearing. It is wisdom for everyone who has really met with God and is in Christ to pay attention to what we are associated with and how we dress. IF ANYONE IS INDEED IN CHRIST, HE [OR SHE] IS A NEW CREATURE . . .
Being in Christ is not a secret association, it is visible. Let yours be visible too.
3. In Sunday School today, I came across a verse that set me straight! Psalm 32 : 9 “Do not be like the horse or the mule, which have no understanding but must be controlled by bit and bridle or they will not come to you.”
Is it possible that most of the limitations of ‘bits’ and ‘bridles’ that God has permitted in some of our lives are to keep us under control? Would they still be there if we would readily obey? No one puts a leash on an obedient dog . . . our level of obedience is connected to our everyday experiences.
Please gain the understanding of the word of God and obey. It is your sure claim to true freedom. GOD WILL NOT NEED TO KEEP YOU AWAY FROM HIMSELF OR FROM OTHER PEOPLE IF YOU ARE SELF-CONTROLLED BY THE WORD OF GOD.
Any person that would not self-control himself or herself would have to be controlled by other unfavorable means. SELAH!
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