The True Cost

This morning, so much is on my mind and yet, I am unable to adequately put them to words because words may fail in truly defining and expressing them. Still, I would use words in the best way I can.
In the middle of church service yesterday, I realized that many times, we really do not count the cost of discipleship because we weren’t even aware such a cost could come our way.
If truly a believer is to continuously decrease and God be increased in them; then, after a while, their persona would become reduced to an almost non-existent state for Christ to be revealed. This is the definition of becoming conformed to the full image of Christ. As beautiful as this may sound, it simply means such a fellow would lose all that he or she was; until even close friends and associates, before the relationship with Christ begun, would no longer recognize him or her. Relationships would be lost, personality would be lost, reputation would be lost . . . such a fellow would become practically non-existent!
So, I ask, what are we so saved and all we do is promote our personalities using Christ?
Why is it so hard to see Christ in us and we are very born-again but not born of God?
Why are our biographies full of exploits, as us, not of exploits of God in through us?
Have we mastered how to caress God’s ‘ego’ [for lack of a better description] with our ceaseless cliche of “Na God o. . . .”, when we know God is so far away from the substance under consideration, and we reached where we are without any honor to God or deference to His word?
If you are indeed in Christ, it comes with a steep cost!
It is simply why the scripture recommends association with other people in Christ so that you can relate to and appreciate each other’s experiences. If your association with Christ is not costing you big ‘treasures’, be rest assured that something is not right somewhere. A bit of introspection would do a lot of good while still on this side of eternity before it will be too late to make amends from open and secret compromises.
If anyone is in Christ, he or she is indeed a new creature; old things must pass away and all things must become new [not an improved old]. If you are losing yourself and becoming replaced with Christ in you, the hope of glory . . . rejoice! You treasure are stored up where they matter most. You may need a new company of saints; your associations may take a drastic turn; your outlook and choices may take a drastic turn, and your ambition may become replaced with God’s purpose . . . Here is your comfort, you have a new heritage from your new lineage; It means you are being fathered by the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, being friended by JESUS CHRIST, THE LORD, and being fuelled by the HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD.
Let your light so shine that all may glorify your Father in heaven.
Have a fruitful new week.