There was once a season when fathers are proud of their sons being greater than them… Now, their dilemma is that their sons may not be as great as they are. Something is wrong with what we define as Greatness!

If according to Websters, greatness is being of superior character, quality or skill, where then is this generation and the ones coming after?

Do not be deceived by the difference in tools available to these generations. Our fathers had paper and ink and they used them to the fullest. We have computers and the internet, what are we doing with them? The future generation will have Artificial Intelligence-enhanced lives, what will they do with it? That we have more efficient tools don’t make us greater than them, WHAT we accomplish and HOW we accomplish them is the matter under consideration.

Are we a superior stock? Are our children really better than us? Will they be greater than us?
The circumstances that produced who we have become are now being stripped away because our children must not ‘suffer’ like we did. What does that even mean? What does it mean to suffer? Does anything gets made without first being broken? That is a conversation for another day…

Fathers and mothers, take heed of who and what you are raising as children.
Sons and daughters, more money and popularity [now social media following] is not greatness.
What we all do, to restore order and advance God’s creation towards righteousness, peace, and joy is the pathway to greatness.