Who is Who. . .

The leper in Matthew 8 came without entitlement and worshipped the LORD by putting the decision for his healing in the hands of the LORD . . . The centurion came also, pleading for help, but he spoke the language of authority. He recognized the LORD’s authority, affirming that he also has authority, and to him, great faith was accorded.
The difference between these two is that one understood heritage [as a jew] and worshipped without faith; the other, though an outsider, exercised faith and gained rulership in the kingdom.
Too many people are worshipping the LORD without faith, they have very little knowledge or understanding of who God is. By these, though they receive healing, food meant for children, they are unable to rule with Christ in the kingdom. On the other hand, so many are exercising faith in the LORD, commanding rulership in the kingdom of God, but their worship is really to other gods. Those considered as outsiders are gaining rulership in the kingdom of heaven because they simply acknowledge the person of God and they operate as those with authority to execute the kingdom for Him.
Faith is the recognition of who God is, the knowledge of Him and the understanding of His will, Yet, operating in submission and humility before God is non negotiable. We must worship the LORD as one who belongs to Him, not to ourselves and at the same time operate with authority of the kingdom, by faith, to rule with Him.
It is not enough to worship God for answers to your prayers. It is vital you have faith in Him for the execution of His kingdom through you . . . therein is the ultimate answer to all prayers you would have say.