Subtle Shift


I have been watching a lot of movies lately; it seems the major avenue to relax for me these days. Now, if you watch a lot of movies like I do, you won’t go too far before you would come across movies that would stir something in you . . . negatively or positively.

This time, it is ‘The Shape of Water’ and my first point of interest in what philosophical explanation could be behind that title. Halfway through the movie, these are my thought:

1. The easiest way to get to anyone’s heart, past their mind, is to reach beyond their inadequacies and disadvantages and recognize their personality. It would seem like such a good gesture would always be for good; unfortunately, it is not, most times. The reason all kinds of heresies, ills and evil become acceptable to people who once would die for soundness of mind, uprightness and righteousness is that those who brought them accepted them however they were. The gave them attention when no one would touch them with a long stick, they listened to them when they wanted to be heard, even though they said nothing!

If all we do, as Christians, is mapping out strategies to reach people in certain favourable demographics, by siting our assemblies in certain areas and posturing for certain kind of membership; those who have all the money in the world to evangelize many more people into satanism and occult are busy reaching them where they are, connecting with them much deeper than we have ever done. They are even ready to live like the poor to gain the poor for the devil.

2. Everything that is strange, as far as God’s creation is concerned, became acceptable because they came first as a suggestion that no one resisted. The gift of imagination is so powerful, such that when a proposition is suggested, even when it is wrong, against all good judgment, it processes it as a possibility. That possibility becomes an object of iteration until it becomes a reality. Superheroes and superpowers are where the world is tending, as products of human imagination; but it is a subtle replacement of God, with the man as gods, until there isn’t any more reason to believe or love God anymore.

Our tolerance with errors may suggest a resemblance of love for others and present a similitude of peace. . . but it is a time bomb, waiting to explode in our faces. when it does, it will take away with it many casualties; fasting and prayers would not reverse its devastation!

3. Soon, there would be no more distinction between the realms of good and evil. In fact, good would be seen as evil, and evil would be seen as good. In fact, wearing the identity of either good or evil would be seen as ‘just business’; I believe that is already happening. Those who are ‘smart’ and ‘creative’ would soon be those who know how to navigate both realms to their advantage. We have started seeing personalities and ideologies becoming people’s religion . . . soon, all that would be left is nothing; everyone would just be about their own business, following the dictates of their own heart.

Believe me, friends, it is going to become more difficult to love and stay with God as the days unfold. We would need more than emotional gratification for following God. if it is already hard for anyone to love God now, it would be much more as the days come by.

Take heed to what you feed your mind with! Pay attention to what you see as entertainment and education. So much evil is cloaked in beautiful garments, wearing excellence and glory!