Where I Stand . . .

From where I stand, I see so much I can not utter with words; but I take solace in the fact that my heart is instructed, towards righteousness, by the things I see . . . good or bad.
When I share what I see with anyone, it would be because I consider such a person is on the journey towards perfection in Christ, just as I am. It is never intended to measure anyone against myself, as I am yet a work-in-progress in Christ; instead, it would measure us all against the infallible standard of God, coded in His word and explained by His Spirit.
It is indeed a waste of time talking with those who already made up their mind about the details of their journey in life to exclude edits and adjustment. It is fruitless having such conversation with those who already considered themselves an authority in matters of the kingdom. For me, I author nothing, whatever I see my Father do, like Jesus said, I do. Call me a copy-cat, it is satisfying to just copy what my Father in heaven is doing.
It will be difficult to converse with those whose fathers are God, framed after the image of men; their choices are theirs, there is really very little anyone can do to help such other than pray. A thousand illustrations would not birth the truth in hearts . . . except the Holy Spirit chooses to help His people, we are doomed to the bloated images of men, who represent God and not God himself.
When I listen to anyone, I hear what they say and the ones they are not saying . . . believe me, the latter is louder than the former!
Silence and inaction speak volumes, just so you know. It can drown so much effort at using truth to establish righteousness. Perhaps there is a blessing in silence also; maybe a true reflection on resounding questions, in silence, would bring us to a place where we realize that if what we claim to know is true, then our experiences should be tilting towards visible transformation.
Let the kingdom of God come;
Let His will be done on earth as it is in heaven . . .
Let true righteousness produce peace and real peace produce authentic joy.