Teachers and Hearts

People are looking for teachers who would teach them; even when they are not likely to admit they need to learn certain things. So, it seems learning has moved from ‘active’ to ‘passive’.

Still, so many things can be taught passively but not the way of truth to life.

Wisdom has two types: the demonic and sensual one, as well as the pure and peaceable one. They are both high-sounding, profound to the mind and deep in consideration; yet, one produces peace while the other promotes strife.

Same words can be spoken by two different people and they would have different meaning. The kind of heart behind those words would determine the result of the utterances. It is not sustainable to feign peace; somehow, the abundance in the heart would find expression.

If you desire peace, pay attention to your heart.

It is possible to speak peace and it starts a war; but you can be sure that the battle is won because truth always triumph over falsehood, even when it takes a long time.

Check your teachers. Subject what they teach to the thorough scrutiny of God’s word. Let the word of God also prove you so that you are lacking nothing.

Peace to you.