Delayed Dues

Are you out dry, at the end of your road, wondering what use is virtue?
Are you looking into what is beneath, behind, before and beyond you but could not muster hope?

The people you serve with all your heart, who when the glory came, forgot to remember you, would have their regrets soon enough…just make sure you are still found doing what you were called to do when the day of glory comes.

You will have all your dues.
You will be celebrated.
That which is done in obscurity would be rewarded and revealed to the glory and praise of God.
Should you think you are already humble, you will be much more when you realize how much good your refusal to be bitter has done in advancing the purpose of God.

So, stay on! Do the work you were called to do.
Even when you can’t pay your bills on time, your face is not on the front page of the magazines and your voice is not heard in the streets, you will not be left without honor.

To you, that fellow in sweats of blood,
Giving to all, yet receiving very little from others,
Rejoice, for the dawn came a while ago;
The bright light is on the horizon…
Behold! It is day!
Your day of glory!