Switch to Relevance

The son of a carpenter don’t have to make masterpieces with wood…he can heal the sick.

The daughter of a seamstress don’t have to make dresses for others to wear… she can change the world.

Dream! Dream really big!

Let the life of God in you mean more than religiosity! Let it birth the kingdom of God on earth!

Do not be limited by your background, education, exposure or resources. Break forth because it pleases the LORD to be glorified in you.

Let your dreams be greater than things.
Let it be greater than fulfilling fleeting desires.
Reach for deeper meaning in life,
Turn lives around, not just things.

You will work really hard.
You will prepare while the city sleeps.
You will hone your skills in obscurity and manifest them in limelights in the fullness of time.
You will become someone significant because of the quality of your thoughts and deeds.

Dream! My friend, dream really big!
Wake up and start from where you are for it is day.