Credentials and Credibility

Sometime ago, in the British Empire, just as war was breaking out with the Germans, the second son of King George V, the Duke of York, found himself on the throne that was abdicated by his elder brother as King George VI and his major challenge was that he stutters when he speaks.

It is amazing what the challenges of people who seem to have all can be…

However, every physician with credentials were unable to help him…save one (Lionel) who had no credentials but learnt by experience, coupled with empathy, to help other people overcome their fears and find their voice.

He himself helped others find their voice when he was still looking for his too…another mystery of life!

Are you looking to men and women with all relevant credentials to help you? You may find that something in the pursuit of credibility removes adventure which is the foundation for any serious learning…

Look beyond the papers and the exposure. Great things are not his in common sights. Reach for real potentials and do not despise them because of their background.

Do you look down on yourself and no longer can hold your head high because you lack credentials, a situation that was not your choice or making…? You should know that what you learn by going through things is as valid as what is learnt by instructions.

Should you be unable to afford learning by instructions, do not miss out on the opportunity to learn from your experience. So, rise up, dust your cloak, refine your outlook and develop your delivery. Kings may be needing you like Pharoah needed Joseph, a prisoner in one of his many jail cells…

When your moment comes, do not be proud. For kings are able to lift you up or lift off your head completely. Be careful to master your heart; to rule it with the fear of God and exhibit grace and gratitude regardless of the insult and shaming from those who would never see good in you…

However you are learning, what you know and understand is needed;
Wherever you are in life, be compassionate, respinsible and responsive and you would not be lacking in direction of what to do;
Whoever you are, do not doubt or despise your ability to be who God wants you to be;
Whenever your time comes, use it and show up…don’t take the stage, receive the stage.

No one is indeed bereft of value in God.