Random Thoughts Again

1. It is indeed a dangerous thing to be surrounded by praise singers who cannot look one in the eye and tell the TRUTH.

2. Parents who pray that their children would receive from their own children what they received from them aren’t sincere or honest . . . within them are deep seated hurts that they avoided talking about; perhaps because they feel too weak to address them or they prefer political correctness…

So, next time your Daddy or Mummy pray for you like this: “Your child would do likewise and much more for you”, especially after doing something good for them, ask them what they really wanted to say… A truly happy parent would, from their treasures of blessings, bless you in unique words. It would not be about what your own child would do for you, it would be about who and what you would become. Selah!

3. There is no such thing as a joke. Jokes are usually what people meant to say, which they decided to say with a bit of comedy, just to lighten the weight of their words. Indeed, out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.

You want to know what is in people’s heart, get them laughing really hard!

4. When privileged to be a hand of help to anyone, do not consider that a signature of approval before the ones you are helping. A needy man is usually committed to the highest giver, except those whose hearts are truly redeemed by the blood of Christ.

So, give to people, only because you are led to by the LORD. Never be moved by emotions to do so. You would soon find out how despicable some of your beneficiaries see you when, for a moment, you are unable to give them what they want.