Of Design and Alternatives

In recent times, my heart has been drawn to events that are happening locally and internationally; mostly reflective of the choices we make as individuals and as communities and here are few of my thoughts:

1.  When men try to replace God’s design with their well-thought-out alternatives, unrighteousness and injustice become the only way to keep such alternatives thriving. Just as the Greek’s democracy, and everyone after theirs, expelled valiant and just men to keep power in check, in the same manner, all alternatives to God’s kingdom and ways would conspire to humiliate and expel righteous and just men. Righteousness and justice have a way of empowering those who live by them beyond the threshold of people’s acceptance.

2. In this fallen world, there comes a season, when being just and righteous becomes a threat because its valor and virtue confer much power on those who live by them . . . Though such power is simply the ability to do more good, it somewhat becomes the disqualification for doing more, especially when the majority is lacking in such valor and virtue.

3. Democratic decisions hardly reflect righteousness and justice. I make bold to say that none of these two would thrive in a democracy. There would be a resemblance of them, such feigned values would dominate the rhetorics, but it would not be visible in the reality of the people. Why then do the world system favor democracy? Why do they jettison the rule of God as KING and the rule of men as kings and queens, knowing that their alternative is full of more evil than the misdemeanor of kings and queens or their lack of understanding of God as King?

4. The greatest idol of our time is self! It is the enthronement of ourselves above the design, plan, and purpose of God. We just want to have a say in how things are around us, drawing authority from none other, who is greater than us, but ourselves . . . This is why democracy thrives, despite all the dangers and evil it presents.

Unfortunately, when the focus becomes self, each person’s background would start to influence the choices made, which would keep division stronger and wild. Aristocrats would hijack the corridors of power because they have the means to buy the will and choices of the less privileged ones, whose immediate need is food for their belly.

Soon, what is meant to be each person’s power to choose becomes a commodity that the just and upright are unable to purchase; thereby, leaving politics and leadership to the worst of characters, who happened to have resources.

5. When intelligence is valued above character and virtue, despicable things would soon lose its weight of error in the wake of ‘perceived’ good deeds or progress made. Soon enough marriages would start failing because adulterous external partners are more intelligent than the spouse at home; loyalty would sink into oblivion because of the pursuit of happiness. . .

Soon enough, we start to attribute our failure to hold a high standard of righteousness and justice to destiny  . . . we soon start to make acceptable excuses for failures; thereby seeking to re-write the narratives to project the glory and honor we seek. Tragedies then become our stories; we gradually enthrone idols as gods when we get to our wit’s end and we lose control of all. Then, whatever was the advantage, the leverage and the progress made becomes the very reason for the destruction of all.

Indeed, there is no sustainability in whatsoever is not birthed or nurtured in God to align with His purpose and will. The ruin of old rebellions to God should remind us all that until it is done God’s way, it will not stand!

Image Credit: Google