Birthday Chronicles

These oranges were the first gifts I received from a woman of God in the local church I attend in Ibadan for my birthday, which happened to be yesterday. It was after a Sunday service, two days prior, this woman walked up to me and handed me a nylon bag containing these and in a simple and quiet way, she said “Many happy returns” as she gave them to me. Believe me, this is my most-valued birthday gift this year. It is really not the cost or size of gifts, it is the heart behind it that determines its value. I got home and my heart bursted into prayers for her and her family.

Please never devalue what you have. Give generously to people around you, even if it’s only a mite’s worth you can afford.

I actually spent the day itself working o! You heard right WORK! An impromptu call to duty. I wanted to spend the day quietly as I have always done, but I just could not. So, I started in the rain at Ogunpa market, Ibadan, drenched and sharing freshly fried Akara with my guide…(please try it sometime, it is sweet! :-)). Then, plenty of puff-puff, with my Screen Printer’s Crew…

There is really a lot of fun and joy in everyday simple things. Please, learn to see and enjoy them.

I was overwhelmed by greetings from my local church, someone even did a collage of my pictures from my Facebook page. I feel so indebted to these people of God. I received so many calls from friends too, who know my birthday by heart…a gift I am still praying God for…Olumuyiwa Omole, Jayeoba Olawale and Esther Aderoju suprised me. Thank you all. I didn’t know many people in my local assembly and all around likes me that much. I hardly talk o… 🙂 Hmnnnn….

Well, even if it is a day, spend it fully being present with people…they would keep the memories longer than you know.

Later in the evening, while at a Fastfood restaurant, trying to fulfill my promise to some friends to eat something not cooked by me :-), I saw a woman, who came into the restaurant to feed her eyes…she was evidently hungry, but had no money. She asked the price of almost all that was on display, then searched out all her bag, but had only a N200. Then it dawned on me again, that what we take for granted aren’t that simple for many people.

Again, please, pay real attention to people around you…they need more than our smile and ‘God bless you’ clichĂ©

Finally, I got to Iwo road, Ibadan, in a terrible evening traffic, needing a bike to get home with my food…I had to eat; afterall it’s my birthday! All the bikes had hiked their cost to double the price…finding one would even be a miracle. In the middle of that frustration. A guy on a bike pulled up and asked me to come along. I ran to him with such speed. Next thing, after all the stress of getting me to my junction, I alighted and this guy just waved me good bye.

There, in that moment, it dawned on me that God has a way of sending help our way when we needed it the most…; a gentle touch from God to let me know He cares very much.

So, my friend, learn to focus on the beauty in every moment…so much would surprise you.