Profits and Persons


A senior friend asked online what I would choose between friends and money. My response was expected, I chose friends like I also expect many others would do. No one wants to appear fickle. But, are we really interested in people more than we are in the benefit we get from being associated or in relationship with them?

Except profit is defined in any venture, spiritual or secular, most people are not likely going to pay attention. It is no news that even today, unless the speaker of the mind of God is able to line it all up to how it benefits the listener, they are not likely going to be interested in listening to him/her or his/her God.

Still, defining profit, in a matter, is a complicated vocation…profit means different things to different people. Assumed profits neither sell these days nor would it interest many people in the future. You just cannot assume it is the kind of profit a people is interested in.

Profit has simply becomes the establishment of SELF; not necessarily the establishment of truth by creation of real value for others, through restoration of order to things…”If it is not generating money, it should generate power and influence period!”, . . . that is the thought of an average person.

“But now, brethren, if I come to you speaking with tongues, what shall I profit you unless I speak to you either by revelation, by knowledge, by prophesying, or by teaching?”

I Corinthians 14:6 NKJV

Paul, the Apostle, understood this, that simply establishing a link with heaven by speaking in tongues counts very little until it brings REVELATION, KNOWLEDGE, PROPHESY OR TEACHING….something people can profit from; something they consider as profit to them. Indeed, unless a man or woman, a boy or girl, considers God Himself THE Profit to them, all work to bring the closer to Him is a waste. It’s why miracles-working gods are more popular than righteous and just God.

But, what value is profits when the person of God is lost in the whole mix? Paul, who was able to brings all these, as profit to his listeners and reader, ended His race asking that he may know God…

Those who have understood that the REAL Profit is having God Himself, not necessarily all of the above would end up having all of the above because they are all present in Him. It is a disaster to have profit from God and not have God Himself, just as it is to have profit from people and be completely disconnected from their persons.

The ultimate objective of Heaven is WHO you become, not WHAT you become at the end of the day. Seek God first and His kingdom…and all other things and people would be added to you.

Peace to you.