Gentleness and Greatness


In every words I hear,
I have sought to understand people;
In every silence I came across,
I have sought to understand hearts in the actions that follow…
In every experience I have been through,
I have found that God is great and we are not.

If anyone attains greatness,
It is through God that such comes,
Though greatness may require much,
The most important requirement would be God’s gentleness, not even His power.

His gentleness,
When we fall into sin and reproach,
His gentleness,
When we ride on high grounds of righteousness and victories…
He watches every thoughts, words and/or actions,
And commands His will be done nonetheless;
Still He is gentle towards His sheep,
The rod and staff notwithstanding.

May the gentleness of God make great,
May we find favor and mercy in His sight,
May our way please the Way, our lives be true to the Truth and our life be alive to the Life.
May God remain gentle to you and I.


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