Yesterday’s Culture and Now


When you see an elder reading newspaper and published works, it is a culture they learnt as they grew older as a way of learning and catching up with news and information. When they take photographs, record an audio or video, it is more for the purpose of documentation.

Records and histories mean everything to them.

This present generation is learning a new culture! Photographs are not documentations, they are expressions; videos and audios are not for records, they are tools for story-telling. Thet really don’t care how long the story remains around; what matters is how viral it is now.

Expressions and popularity mean everything to these ones.

What would tomorrow’s tools be?
Will technology create a completely new way of life that is yet unknown?
What would be the most important priority of the future?

These are the questions our education systems should be asking…these are the puzzles we should be trying to piece together. Instead the old is condemning the extravagance of the new and their lack of depth and the new is condemning the old for their extreme discipline and lack of flexibility.

Surely, both the old and the new are important for our corporate development…yet, none is more important than the future that is soon to come upon us.

Let those who can truly see, with clarity, be bold to act decisively for time is of essence. May the day be dawned upon us, meeting our readiness for its beauty and bounty.