The Future, Now

A look in the pure bright eyes of a little child, something real must stir in a heart that is still alive;
When they grow older to become younger adults, the brilliance of hope in their countenance would awaken a dead man to work hard to give them a future…

So, what happens when the little child’s eyes are no longer pure and beautiful…when their countenance is filled with tears and mucus?
What happens when the young one’s eyes are filled with rage from lack of hope…nothing to hold onto?

Unfortunately, those who should have created a future for them are the ones complaining about their despondency; they are still yet to see how the present is the fruit of their decisions and indecisions yesterday. Those who lived and died for the ideals of a better future for them are heroes…they have become villains because they squandered the largesse of their ancestors on living free, while still in chains…

This new generations are in the quagmire of consequences. What it would take to come to the surface would take other people, from other territories, to get to the moon and back. When they try to right the wrongs, their foremost enemies are their fathers and mothers, who did nothing to prepare a good future and fortune for them. The struggle is not always negative though, their discipline and values are still valid; yet, their hold on their failures and their unending attempt to make them the way stinks to the heavens.

If there is anytime to call a cultural conference, now is the time!
If there is anytime to make the matter of culture tower beyond masquerades, folktales, proverbs, dancing, colors and art, now is the time!
It is time to re-evaluate how we actually live as a people…
A time to redesign our expectations and experiences to include TRUE VALUES

If you are for the course of nobility and democratic ideals remove you from relevance, take heart; if the people know better they would do better…
If you are shining brightly from refracted lights of strange ideas and immoral thoughts, and your popularity is founded on vanity and fading fame, repent; there is still plenty of time to change course…
If you are doing your very best, but loosing grounds each day, be hopeful; the Day comes…
If you are simply lost and cannot find yourself in the midst of all that is happening, run to the LORD; He would be found when you seek Him with all your heart.

We must arise and do the needful….NOW!


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