Cut, Yet Fruitful Trees…

In my vision of the night, I saw a flourishing tree, fat and fresh, rounded and green with no visible scar. It has many fruits hanging in it, ripe and fresh, looking good and inviting. Under this tree, many people have made themselves a befitting spot for their enterprise. . .most of which have to do with looks and appearances.

Then I sought to have some of its fruits, I reached for them with a sickle…but it just was not enough. So, since the fruits were mostly ripe, I resolved to shaking the tree to release the fruits…Alas, the branch came off the stem like a clean cut. The entire foliage of the tree suddenly starts to wither and all the enterprise under it scattered with everyone running helter skelter; to later find themselves new spots, albeit under the sun, with no shade.

Then I woke up!

Indeed there are many already cut ‘trees’ still showing visible fruitfulness. Events of the coming days would shake many of them out of feigned flourishing. The increased tempo in demand for useful fruits would shake then our of their place and they will irreversibly wither.

The days ahead are going to be eventful. Let those who think they stand take heed, lest they fall. Appearance has never been more deceptive than in this season, do not be caught merchandising under the shade of cut trees…their fall may be your end.

Let those who have ears pay attention and hear,
Let those who have eyes peeled their eyes and see,
Let those whose hearts are still tuned to God stand in the place of prayers,
A desertification is on the horizon…
The fall of these trees are not going to be victories altogether…
The lands would be exposed to dryness and famine by it.

Pray earnestly!
Before praying, watch carefully!
The times are changing and seasons are rolling into new ones.
Search for the LORD, now that He may be found.