Uncomfortably Different


I watched a movie titled #TheAccountant in which the father of an autistic child told him the he is different and that more or less, with time, people would become terrified with someone different.

The saying is true…

What is also true is that being uncommonly different seems intolerable to most people these days…soon they would respond to such difference with slander and gossip.

If your difference is righteousness in a sinking world of wickedness, those struggling with righteousness would someday become intolerant of you. When at those instances where they failed you prevail, they would soon label you as anything demeaning they can find.

If we are in the world, not of the world, our troubles are meant to be many (yes, many!) because our difference is hardly explainable. We belong to a new breed, born of the Spirit, not of the flesh. When fellow pilgrims on the way have unfounded and unspoken cases against you, shared in confident whispers, especially because you don’t fit certain moulds that may not necessarily be Scriptural, be strong . . . it means hell has noticed your walk with God.

In the words of Don Moen, a psalmist of repute, if you are wounded soldier, who feels like you are loosing ground, just surrender to God’s Holy Spirit and your victory would be safe and sound. If you are have faced all kinds of perils without and now you are going through perils of brethren within, still stand strong, the LORD is near you.

In the end, be sure that you have done righteously, for peace and joy would not be denied those who do righteously.

Peace to the righteous. Amen.