With God


The reality of our present day faith is that we know less and less of the God we worship, we just enjoy being around His people. We really haven’t met with God, though we have received deliverance, salvation, provision, preservation and help from Him. (Exodus 19:17)

For those who have met with God, their major challenge is walking with God. His ways seem to become increasingly difficult to follow. Perhaps, maybe they are meant for Him alone! Having a relationship with God still remains a mystery for many people. How can a mortal walk with an immortal God?

For those walking with God, to whom He has given a piece of His kingdom to work at, doing what He is doing has never been more difficult. The easiest way now is to do things the way of the world to get quicker results….it’s harder to follow God’s template for the result we want, not necessarily the result God wants. Infact, we know better than God; our publicity has replaced the promotion by the Spirit of God; our programming has replaced the purity of His word, our response has replaced the revelation of the Son of God. People see us more than they see the God who sent us.

More than any time in history, the church of God is in very dangerous times. . . Especially because there are more creative, engaging and refreshing alternatives to God’s way of truth to life. Therefore, let those who still bear the LORD in their hearts arise and shine brightly. Let them raise up the standard of the word of God by the Holy Spirit.


So, if you have received from God and you are yet to meet Him, run to the mountain of the LORD’s house;
If you have met him but you are not walking with Him…plunge into His word, will and ways
If you are walking but not yet working with Him, or doing His work your way, now is the time to do it and do it right. The harvest is ripe and there are very few laborers.

Meet, Walk and Work with the LORD
Stay with Him also

Have a fruitful week.