Reactionary Revelations


When someone is in distress, those who care about them, genuinely or otherwise would try to do something about it.

When the challenge is spiritual, they would rise to pray and prophecy, according to the word of God. It does not necessarily mean by the Word of the LORD, for that is the WORD Himself. We just speak what we would like to hear as a word from the LORD. A few weave of Scriptures here and there, spoken with such strength of verbiage to mimic strength for the word. When we are not feeling them that much, we seal each sentence with ‘In Jesus name’, ‘By the authority given me’, ‘It is done’, etc. Well, we are spirit beings, we should be able to conjure spiritual utterances.

When the challenges are intellectual, those who have spent some time thinking about similar matter would start to profer solution by the muchness of their thoughts until the reality of the situation is not very similar with the scenario they thought about; then, it all ends in mental alchemy. What is meant to bring light, for direction, becomes the source of discomforting glare…sparks of reason devoid of understanding.

When the problem is emotional, we are quick to show up in whatever capacity we are in. We start to do things to fill the gaps we perceived as empty. We become superheroes, even when we are far from it. Soon enough, our responses becomes the trigger for deeper troubles…soon enough how we feel about issues, personally, becomes a foreign steak of interruption in the already complex weave of emotions. How it is happening to ‘one’ becomes the extra layer of interpretation to how it is happening to ‘all’. It is our insight into the matter…clouded by feelings, deficient in sound counsel.

When the matter is physical…we are not likely to see many people or responses; afterall, everyone has their own physical challenges to deal with. Soon, our revelations become the likes of ‘It is well’, ‘God will do it, ‘It will end in praise’, etc. …revelations we don’t actually have, that we don’t really believe, but we offer them anyways…It is our escape from the matters at hand.

In all of these what we don’t do is find out what is God’s heart on the matter, especially from a place of brokenness and acceptance that whatever our lots are, we know God is still God and He is faithful to us.

Our revelations are hardly of the Spirit of God, they are hugely from our spirits, subject to the dynamics of our being in a fallen world. So, that it sounds, feels and look affirmative or supportive is not really a proof that it is edifying. We have tampered (still tampering) with God’s agenda by our flickers of revelations. In the name of the LORD we are committing more evil than good. The sad part is that those guilty really mean well.

So, before you take that step, be sure your revelation is of the LORD. BE CERTAIN IT IS NOT A REACTION in the name of the LORD