Races, Flights and Runners


We are in that season when those who run looks back at where they’re coming from; some to see their beginning no more, others to see what/who pursues them.

That moment when the runner stops running is the most difficult one…for every pain and trouble once conquered would come to check again if they can win the battles they once lost.

So, if you are running, run as one who would win the race, the Bible recommends; but if your running is not a race but a flight from something, somewhere or someone, gain your freedom as securely and safely as you can.

Run to Jesus if those after you are too great for you. If they are within your powers, face them and deliver yourself. Fight for your freedom first then run your race at your pace to win.

Everyone is running…only the dead are done,
Run your race, do not run other runners…
Choose your friends wisely as you go,
Not even all that are going to the same destination are meant for you.

Don’t be found walking when you should be running,
Try not to be on the track when you are not ready to run…
Just in case your own race has no defined track or clear-cut terrain,
Make the LORD your compass, He would ensure you make it home!

Peace to you.