The Search for Happiness


I recently watched a video clip from Goalcast, an inspirational word from a lady who sought happiness by putting behind the beauty she once had because in all of the splendour she had, she could not find happiness.

It got me thinking about many things, chief of which is our definition of happiness. What is happiness really? Is there fairness in being happy? What is the cost of happiness? How many people are loosing their sleep and lives because of the happiness of one?

I will not seek to define happiness using personal interpretations, instead I would rather speak to the responsibility that follows every desire to be anything. Every pursuit has a cost; most times, we are unable to see what it costs others to get what we want from life. Still, I know that nothing is more significant than the things we sacrifice for the well-being of many more others…real depths of humanity is not touched without it.

I have come to realize that those who seek happiness at all cost are likely to be self-centred folks…most generous people are contented with responsibility, seeking the joy in simple things instead. . .

Surely, each person has the right to seek whatsoever they consider a source of happiness, but should that search be leaving woes and pains in its trail, it requires a sincere revision because that happiness that must come, at all cost, is why people lose their very essence in search of vanity.

Joy is greater than happiness; peace is greater than prosperity.