Choosing Relationships


“God resisteth the proud, and giveth grace to the humble” 1 Peter 5:5b


The Most High,

With whom nothing is impossible,

The singular author of power and authority,

The possessor of the heavens and the earth;

In all His majesty and sovereignty thought it helpful to give space (resist) the proud;

He will not commune with the lofty . . .


Is He insecure?

Is the Most High threatened by the disposition of exalted men?

Is He unable to make their wisdom and grandeur of no consequence before Him?

Why resist them?


To make matters worse for them,

He chose the humble to keep peace with,

Those, whose essence is in the quality of their heart, not just in the quantity in their hands,

His grace multiplies to those who do not see themselves in the light of what they are,

Who prioritizes God over gold . . .


I have come to understand the wisdom with which God expresses Himself . . .

It is indeed wise of anyone to consider matters in His light, lest our lives are full of regret and needless pain.

Like the Father, we must keep the distance from the lofty . . .

Something in their frame is not given to righteous reasoning.


Should the LORD exalt you,

It must be the LORD that is exalted in you for the world to see;

We must desire to decrease as the LORD increases in us,

Let our results be credited to grace and favor from the LORD alone.


The Revelation of God is to understand our ways,

The Word of God is to lighten our paths when we step into them,

The Peace of God is to curate our heart as we journey on the way,

The Grace of God is to sustain us while we go through


None of these is negotiable;

So, we should not be trading them for ‘optics’


IMAGE CREDIT: Psychology Today