Of Words and Persona

A couple of days ago, a friend sent me a short writing on Dawson Trotman, an extract from the testimonial of Billy Graham at Dawson’s funeral. He said:

“Dawson loved the word of God. I think more than anybody else, he taught me to love it. He always carried his Bible arouJesus saidnd and always had it marked. The word of God was sweetness to him”

As I meditated on these words, what sprung up in my heart was that “Is it possible to ‘love’ God and not love His word as much? Actually, a lot of people are in love with the person of God, just not that much in love with His word.

Interestingly, the Scriptures emphasizes that God exalts His word above His name. I am persuaded that, though Jesus said that if we love Him we would obey His commandments, many of us are in love with the person of Jesus than we are with His word. When we are face-to-face with doing His word and will, we often prefer to just be identified with Him in a very flexible way; such that does not compromise our ability to leverage on the circumstances that present itself.

If God exalts His word above His name (person), we have to culture a stronger love for God’s word; as much as we love Him. It’s the love that we have to learn and deliberately grow in it. God’s word is the highest manifestation of Him.



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