Christian Marriages


The problem with Christian marriages, probably the reason they are failing at such alarming rates, is that the focus has shifted and continues to shift from God and His purpose to the personality of the spouses…

When their personal needs becomes a demand, not a response outflowing from understanding and submission to God, the marriage becomes subject to worldview and it will never succeed. It will be compared with new age consensus on what marriages should be, which would have no bearing with the word of God and it would be okay with believers because they may have also dethrone God in their affairs.

Marriages of the ‘unsaved’ work because from the beginning of such union, God is not the center of it, the focus is each other. These specific considerations are reviewed before they agree to marry each other and as long as that continues, it will continue to work. Those considerations can be looks, sex, money, attention, popularity, success, name it….!

Honestly, believers cannot make these considerations their focus and also be looking to blend it with God’s purpose for their marriage. We cannot serve God and mammon.
We would have to choose what we want and be content with it.

If you want God and His purpose, take God; if you want humanistic considerations, by all means, take them. In all that you do, please do not mix the two! If you do, it will fail and the reasons would not make sense to anyone. Again, I say to you, you cannot mix the two!

God’s kingdom is distinct!
God’s kingdom culture is different!
God’s kingdom calling is deliberate!
God’s kingdom order is not debatable!

Let’s do it God’s way for God’s kind of result. Peace to the righteous.