Toxic Complex

I have the mind of Christ,

He is the center of my thoughts, imagination, and reason;

Yet, I am yet to understand why some things are what they are.

In the journeys that I take,

I have found three things too difficult to understand,

Four things are too hard for me to wrap my mind around . . .

There is a realm of unrighteousness,

Too devastating for even the wicked man to condone;

There is a realm of righteousness,

Too holy for even the righteous to handle;

If these were not so,

There would be no reason why thieves punish those who steal from them,

There would no sane reason why two supposedly Godly people cannot agree.

A captive soon becomes fond of their captors,

The narrative soon changes from ending the tyranny to becoming ‘successful’ with the status quo.

The deliverer becomes treated with disdain,

The afflicted would cheer at the exaltation of their afflicters and rejoice at the humiliation or death of those who desire their freedom.

You would wonder: “What do people really want?”

People look for answers like needles in haystacks,

When they find it, they frantically start to redefine what the answers must be . . .

They search and research with sweat and blood for it,

When they eventually find it, they treat it with disdain because it often comes in packages not expected.

Soon, their rhetoric becomes full of negativity in generalizations,

They seem blind to their being unstable, even in choices.

Power is given to some,

Others seize it by the show of might;

Yet, neither of them pays any attention to the purpose of power . . .

When drunken by it, they err irreparably,

When in short supply of it they whine endlessly;

People quest for what they have no noble use for,

Until what they ask for is deeply devouring their essence.

Until same power reveals who they really were,

They are agreeable to everyone under any circumstances.

Then I went into the presence of God to seek answers,

To gain an understanding for the purpose of ordering my ways;

Then it became clear to me that all things are what they are said to be until proven,

Difficult situations and challenges are the best conditions to proof them.

Undoubtedly, there is no hope for the faithless,

Those who found it impossible to believe would need to see things before they can make choices;

Such choices would likely be late since those who chose in faith already gained mileage beyond those hesitating,

Now I understand the brevity of the breath in man,

It speaks to the brevity of his or her mark too.

It is wise to focus on my race and not the runners,

Each one’s choices have its consequences.