Deep Things

So much is unknown until words are spoken,
Masters of intrigues are those who have mastered the craft of silence;
Still, the deep things of the heart are known to God,
He makes them plain without words spoken, Yes He does!

Just as He does not need seeds to have trees,
And He does not require copulation to bring Christ to earth,
Nothing is hidden from Him,
Nothing is hard for Him to do.

When the fruits are lacking,
He knows how to bring them when labour fails;
When treasures are lost and there is no hope of finding them,
The LORD knows how to float an axe head with a stick!

If you do not believe, you will not have hope.
If you believe in the world, not in the LORD, you will be miserable;
For nothing here is forever! They are all passing glories!
If you believe the LORD and put your confidence in Him, through His word,
Even in deep darkness, you will not be without light.

This light is the source of righteousness,
That righteousness would produce peace;
This peace would give you joy abounding. . .

Believe in the LORD your God,
And you shall be established.