Battle for Meaning…


The valiant leads others into imperative perils,
They begin by standing in the first line of battle.
Royalty stands on elevated terrains,
They watch, heart in throat, how it is all going down.

When the dusts are settled,
The glory of conquest goes to those watching things happen;
When the battles are over,
Royalty returns to the palace, soldiers to their barracks.

Something in wars puts valour ahead of virtue,
Perhaps, those on battlefields are considered to have very little need for virtue;
Still, all kingdoms are established and destroyed by battles, internal or external;
Only God’s kingdom is founded on righteousness and justice, with peace that brings joy.

By walking with GOD, wrestling is no longer for meaning;
Doing valiantly by God is for glory; the type we cannot take credit for.
We fight GOOD fights by faith, not fangs,
Restoration of peace and joy by righteousness as perilous as walking into an inferno.

Walking with God will cost you your all,
Fight for eternal value and your victory would be sweet indeed.