Faithfulness and Loyalty


It is no news that loyalty has different from meaning to different people,
One wonders where the limits are when it comes to ‘staying’ with someone.

Is it living truthfully or being what someone expects?
What is the true definition of loyalty?
Can one be loyal without taking sides?
Is loyalty immune form being a channel to exploit others?

Most people, who claim to be faithful aren’t loyal;
Their faithfulness ends when self-interest in no longer catered for and self-goal finally finds an avenue to be explored.
Be faithful!
Much more than faithfulness, be loyal!

Your faithfulness would bring rewards,
Your loyalty would preserve you when peril comes;
Should you have a lot of reward from faithfulness but you are lacking in loyalty,
Redeem your future with appropriate sacrificial service where necessary.

The twin of faithfulness and loyalty brings progress and preservation.