Public Book Presentation


It has been a rare privilege for me to walk the journey that produced answers for anyone and everyone who is seeking to understand their place in the scheme of things in life. Indeed, God would be cruel to bring anyone here to earth without making provision to intimate him or her with the purpose of his or her life.

To this end, after over eleven (11) years of putting these answers to work with remarkable results of clarity, creativity and change, where they are needed, I am please to publicly present ‘IF ALL IS WELL, WHY AM I LIKE THIS? to you.

This presentation would hold this
Saturday JUNE 1. 2019, by 10.00AM,
at the J.P. CLARK CENTER, Faculty of Arts, University of Lagos, Nigeria.

I am specially inviting you to attend.

This book would clarify work, value and opportunities for you; light up the pathways before you, in pursuit of your reason for being here on earth, helping you to choose wisely. It will also open your eyes values that are all around you that were not known to you before now, and empower you to drive the change that is much needed by everyone.

Printed copies of the book would be available at the venue for purchase.

Also, we begin the tour for the book (CON.VER.SA.TIONS for Clarity, Creativity and Change) immediately after this event. We are coming to somewhere near you.

I look forward to seeing you there.

For registration to attend:
For more information, please call: 0909 77 00 22 3