Lessons in Transit


I wrote these exactly four years ago when I visited Abuja, Nigeria. Four years after, I am visiting Abuja again and they are still fresh for me… Take a look:

“When a journey presents no leader to follow,
And the way isn’t obvious because of uncharted territories;
Help cannot come from anywhere but above,
For only He that is seated there has knowledge of all.

Going forward is a must,
So, planning and not acting is not acceptable;
But then, it’s a lonely journey without others,
Final destination would be the selector of one’s company.

On my own journey I have found the following to be true:

“Self is really not gathering everything possible to oneself alone, it is exalting oneself above service.”

“If you ever failed at helping others with your victories and failures alike; do not fail to learn your lessons and keep your eyes on the price – GOD, your exceeding reward!”

“Though your story is a valid testament; only those who has understanding would learn from it. Even Jesus’ testament was and is still despised, how much more yours! The ‘authenticator’ of your testament is you, no one else! Establish the truth and move on…”

“When a sheep finds itself resting in the den of lions, it is nothing but a future meal; for it’s days are numbered… Any insect seeking to scale boundaries using the spider’s net would certainly become food; it’s a matter of time.”

“You cannot demand the speed of a cheetah from a lamb, or the fearlessness of a horse from a donkey because they look alike…each would get to the finish line at their own pace, in their own time.”