The real enemy of most pursuits is distraction. Eternal matters would distract you from temporal ones and vice versa.

Therefore, those who wield power are those who have mastered the art of distracting others and disrupting status quo.

So, distracting a life that is heading to destruction by the bright possibilities of a fulfilling life is the responsibilities of those who would be described as ‘great’

Carefully sculpting beauty from the crucible of evident chaos; soon what was a distraction would be the goal.

In the same way, distracting a life heading for glory with present and fleeting pleasure may turn the distraction into the goal.

Soon, the means to an end becomes the end and life loses its meaning. Surmounted obstacles become the whole story and the prize is forgotten!

Know your goal.
Make it one at a time; focus achieves much more!

Spot a distraction from afar…
Consider it, only if it presents an eternal possibility…something greater than your person, whose value transcends your lifetime.


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