Family: In Search of New Experiences…


Usually when family breakdowns are considered irreparable, offsprings of such seeks to change the trends in their own new families.

Unfortunately, their own experiments often turn out to be worse.

The foundation of these dissatisfactions are not ideologies, opinions or perspectives…it is the state of the heart.

If the heart is not right, even right deeds would have wrong meanings. Interpretations would take form after what is in the heart and the past would return…

Discontent, jealousy, rivalry and their likes are generally the source of most disconnections.

Until we resolve these matters from the source, we are not likely to have new experiences, even if we advocate endlessly…content of each one’s hearts would determine the outcomes.

If we want new experiences in our nations, the family is where to begin. Running away from the problems in our families would not change a thing.

We must confront the errors of the past with Truth and change our hearts so that our earth may change for good.