Jehovah’s Intern

He calls the unqualified out of obscurity
And send them to even more obscure places to fashion them;
He calls the prominent, seated in exalted places,
And make rooms for them in low places to initiate them to life . . .
How majestic is You, oh LORD!
The 'called' cannot explain the circumstances of their lives,
They search for meaning from what is known and their confusion increases;
In the search for answers, they seek those called before them,
Unknown to them, the One calling is nearer than their skin.
Those who are wise refer them back to the One calling,
Foolish ones tried to give interpretation to what they do not know;
Soon, the LORD of glory shows up in His splendor,
He speaks clearly when the called answers accurately.
How unsearchable is You, oh LORD!
In obedience to the call, they come unlearned,
Their place in His kingdom unearned;
Instead of taking them to a teacher or classroom,
He becomes their Teacher and makes their world their classroom.
All that was, that is and that would be suddenly have meaning,
The seal is broken and illumination comes progressively . . .
By His voice, He directs their spirit;
By His hands, He directs their ways.
How unfathomable is You, oh LORD!
Their ways are different,
Eternal righteousness becomes the summary of their works;
The majority do not easily understand them,
For their walk is with One whose words are eternal.
Their desire for relevance with the status quo would result in failures,
Friendship with the world would be too expensive a cost to pay;
In the fullness of time, their kingdom is theirs. Amen.
How excellent is You, oh LORD!
The LORD is the Leader of His people,
He mentors His own, by Himself . . .
The called and the chosen must be ready for an adventure,
The end of it all is glory, not shame.
Should you desire to intern with the LORD,
Your application to heaven is the acceptance of His Word – Christ,
When from the darkness you have moved into the light,
Your walk begins with Him in a very unique and personal way.
How wonderful is You, oh LORD! Amen.