When you talk about yourself, you would be described as a proud person;
When you talk about the person with you, you would be seen as either flattering or critical of such;
When you talk about some other random person, it can go on for hours and no one would be upset about it….
Simply put, we just love GOSSIPS! Period.

The best of our conversations are gossips,
Our most engaging topics are about others, never ourselves…
We hate to put ourselves under the floodlights,
We don’t like much being scrutinized about ourselves…

So, we really never change,
We just mutate to suit each environment like chameleons,
Yet, we are still asking…
“What is wrong with us as a people?”

‘Examine yourself’ is the Scriptures counsel,
There is very little gain in examining others besides quietly learning from them;
May we receive grace to be transformed by the renewing of our minds,
The future depends on it, our quality as a people depends on it.