My Gratitude


The last 48 hours has been so overwhelming for me…chiefly because I am now 40 years on earth and God decided to speak to me using voices I haven’t heard from before. From those who sent their greetings before my birthday celebration came, to those who showered me with so much love and prayers. I literarily was on the phone most of yesterday drenched from prayers of saints, who ministered back to me and strengthen my feeble knees.

Men and women, who had never prayed for me in the manners they offered them to God before now. You all do not have the slightest ideas of how weighty and accurate the words you used in praying and prophesying were. I will mention your names in a more grand way soon. 😉

THANK YOU SO MUCH. Mo dupe ore…

All you said to me in words, writings and deeds are eternal memorials for me. May our God hear them and do as you have said Amen.

Indeed, my heart rejoices that all I have been through is not in vain. Though the last couple of years have been very eventful, a mix of all that you can imagine; but God has been so good to me…Indeed, I have found mercy and favour in the sight of God and men. I am literarily still standing because Jehovah’s everlasting arms carried me.

God has been enough! He still is!
He fathers me and I am His.
This is my testimony.

May joy abound to you all.
May peace multiply to you all.
May grace distinguish you all in the days we are in, in Jesus name. Amen.

This is my gratitude.