Aware, But With No Record

Yesterday in church service, I heard a word in the midst of the word. The story of Abraham and his offering of Isaac and the response it provoked from God came to the fore. While God was speaking to him the second time, He mentioned that Abraham did not deny Him Isaac, his only son.

To begin with, Isaac was not Abraham’s only son, Ishmael was actually his first son. But as far as God was concerned, He only has a record of Isaac as Abraham’s son, with whom the covenant perpetuates…

Indeed, just as some children are born without a record in the birth register of a people, it is possible that God is mindful of certain things, they just may not have a record with God in the scheme of things. This reality sent cold shivers down my spine. The first question I asked myself was how many things are God mindful of in my life that has no record with God?

It is vital that we all do a check of our lives; perhaps an audit may show where we are focusing attention wrongfully. Are we still asking God to bless certain elements of our lives that has no record with God; those He is merely mindful of?

May God help you and I to reorder our lives to sync with His record for us. Amen.