In The Eye of the Storm


When there are challenges in people’s lives, we are quick to consider them a defaulter of some principle or practice, the reason why their crisis are inevitable. The judgment that comes from people, even those who should know better, are more painful because instead of helping to go through, it tends to bring depression.

But, is God unaware of these things? Are all things consequences of misdeed or inaction? I have come to learn that providence from God isn’t only the good things of life, adversity, challenges and the likes are parts of it. Until challenges of life come, it’s not likely you will grow into the stature. Until trials and tribulations come, your triumph will have no significance.

The valiant one is the one who won many battles, not the broad-chested warrior.
The virtuous one is the one who won the war before it ever brewed into reality.
The victorious one is the one whose tools are tested and proven by reality
If you are going to be anyone significant,
Your staff’s markings must be that of real battles, not simulations.

If you are in the middle of your life’s battles, rejoice!
Your promotion is around the corner if you don’t faint…
Fight valiantly, fight with all you’ve got!
You triumphant entry will be announced to the city before you arrive at its gate.

Stay the course,
Keep your sword unsheathed until the Master is done;
Win your battles from within,
Stay with the LORD.

Peace to you, even in the midst of storm.



  1. I like that you mentioned that trials and tribulations make our triumph significant. That’s true! We often forget that.


  2. AWED says:

    Thank you so much. Without them, our stories are not complete.

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